March 2016

Family pictures taken during March of 2016. Includes Howard's 90th birthday open house and the start of our visit to Brad in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest Tour we went on .
Howard  Howard celebrating his 90th birthday with a display of pictures and his work with rocks. Banner  The banner on the wall at Westminster during the celebration of Howard's 90th birthday. Cindy & Howard  Cindy and Howard at the open house celebrating Howard's 90th birthday. Cake  One of the two cakes at Howard's 90th birhtday celebration.
Cake  The second cake at Howard's 90th birthday celebration. Brian, Howard, Kim and McCade  Brian, Kim and McCade visit with Howard during the open house celebrating his 90th birthday. Brian, Howard, Kim and McCade  McCade, Howard, Brian and Kim pose in front of Howard's 90th birthday banner. Cindy, Howard and Micki  Cindy plays the piano while Micki sings 'Happy Birthday" to Howard.
Mt. Rainer  The view of Mt. Ranier as our flight from Chicago approches Seattle. Olaf's  Brad's favoriate bar and restaurant in the Ballard section of Seattle. Boeing  The Boeing emblem on the wall at their factory in Everett, Washington. Boeing  A small single engine Boeing aircraft.
Boeing  A Rolls-Royce jet aircraft engine on display. Boeing  A General Electric jet aircraft engine on display. Boeing  A cross section of a Boeing 787 aircraft showing how freight is stored below the passenger compartment. Boeing  Brad looks at another view of the General Electric jet aircraft engine on display.
Boeing  This is the building where the jet aircraft are assembled.  Each door is big enough to allow a jet to pass through it. Boeing  This is the building where the final paint job is applied to the completed jet aircraft. Mt. Baker  A view north to Mt. Baker from Everett, Washington. Chittenden Locks  Some of the foliage at the Chittenden (a.k.a. Ballard) Locks.
Chittenden Locks  A cabin cruiser entering the Chittenden Locks on its way from Lake Washington to Pudget Sound. Chittenden Locks  Boats tied up in the Chittenden Locks waiting to be lowered to the level of Pudget Sound. Chittenden Locks  The fish ladder at Chittenden Locks. Chittenden Locks  Water flowing over the dam at the Chittenden Locks.
Chittenden Locks  A railroad draw bridge located just west of the Chittenden locks is open.