Hi, thanks for stopping by my personal web page. Well, retirement is great and I find I now have time to look for new ways to entertain myself as well as to keep looking for new places to possibly visit. Listed below you will find ten of my favorite places on the internet that I have found of interest in my travels around the world wide web. I hope some of them will be useful or entertaining for you.

For the Computer:

Do you have a need to keep up with the latest version of your software? Then you should visit Version Tracker. This site will keep you posted on the latest releases of software.

If you are really smart and are using an Apple computer then you will also want to check out MacUpdate. They specialize in software for Apple computers. You can also register here for FREE and then get e-mail notification when there is an update to one of the programs you have on your watch list.

For Entertainment:

My new hobby (obsession according to Cindy) is visiting wheresgeorge.com. This is a web site where once you are registered you can enter the denomination, serial number and series (year) off your money along with your zip code and then if someone else re-enters the bill at a later date you are notified of this and can view where your money has traveled to.

Need some information about a movie? Then visit The Internet Movie Database. There you can find information about your favorite movie (or any movie as far as that goes).

For Genealogy Research:

If you are wanting to start doing genealogy research in the internet, then Cindi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet is the place to go. It has over 186,000 links to a wide variety of genealogy related web pages.

For an interesting article comparing MyHeritage and AncestryDNA testing kits, check out this article on DNA Weekly for information on them and links to other DNA test kit information.

For Travel:

If you want to travel by train you will want to visit the AmTrak web site to find out which train you will need to take to get you where you want to go. You will be able to get the time schedule for a train, and you can get various other information about AmTrak. If you register with the site you can even purchase your tickets online.

If you need directions, then MapQuest is the place to go. They will give you driving directions from one place to another and create custom maps at whatever level of magnification you want to help you arrive at your destination.

In October 2003, Cindy and I took a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River. You can go to River Cruises to get more information about the Twilight Riverboat and the cruise that we took.

If you need a good multipurpose travel site I suggest Travelocity.I use this site to help locate motels in various cities and to check on airline schedules. It will let you look for a particular chain of motels, a certain price range, or see everything that is available in the selected area. It will allow you to do the same types of searches for airlines. They also have vacation packages available. If you register, you can make and pay for your reservations online.

If you live in the Chicago area you may find the Metra web site of interest. There you can get all the Metra lines and time schedules as well as other information about the Metra rail system. I find it is a good way to get from Racine (actually Kenosha) to downtown Chicago. They have lines going all directions from the downtown Chicago area.

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